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Knik Glacier Adventures - Hunting Brown Bear / Grizzly
Knik Glacier Adventures - Hunting Brown Bear / Grizzly

Alaskan Brown Bear...quite the formidable animal. Truly the king of all the wildlife in Alaska. They can grow up to 10 feet tall, and weigh hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. Their eyesight is as strong as a human, and they can hear sounds and pick up scents up to a mile away (sometimes standing on their hind legs to do so). Fast, stealthy, and incredibly powerful... hunting one of these monsters is something you won't soon forget.

We have two seasons for brown bear - spring and fall.

Brown Bear season information is on our Pricelist Page. Spring Brown Bear are hunted using a combination of snow machines (snowmobile) and snow shoeing. Spring hunters should be in good shape, with experience driving snow machines in mountainous terrain.

Fall Brown Bear are hunted by taking airboats up Salmon streams, and by using tree stands and ground blinds. These animals are typically taken with a rifle, but bow can be used as well.

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